Scout Supporters

“The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others.”

Day of Scouting

Support BSA


Our desire is to never turn away a child that desires to build their character, leadership skills and give back to their community, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Gifts contributed through the FOS campaign help provide camp scholarships, uniforms and BSA Handbooks to low-income youth.

2019 Friends of Scouting Campaign Chair

Jeff Deloach – President of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

2019 Friends of Scouting Luncheon Chair

Rich Mozingo – General Manager of the Chattanooga Lookouts

Day of Scouting ($6,000+)

Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC
Southern Champion Tray Co
Stowers Machinery

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
Tekwell Services
Chuck Mills
Danny Henderson
Jay Hudson

Jenks Parker
Lewis Dyer
Mark Caldwell
Steven Ledbetter

Become a Supporter

Scouting exists because of the volunteer and financial support provided by
the community. You can help shape that future by investing in Scouting today.

Life Scout ($3,000 – $5,999)

Regions Bank
Mountain View Ford
Kim and Dale Bolton
Jim Vaughn
James Ingraham
Arthur Washburn

Star Scout ($1,500 – $2,999)

Double Cola
Talidandaganu Lodge #293
Allstate Insurance Company
Synovus Bank
Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union
William Leonard
Vann Newell

Tom Moore
Russell Eagle
Matthew Brown
Lewie Card
Jimmie Mason
James Roides

James Zellner
James Logan
Jack Milne
Harold Danks
Ginny Acocella
Bob Corker
Andy Figlestahler

First Class Scout ($800 – $1,499)

EMJ Corporation
Atlantic Bank
The Dye Group
Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.
Yerbey Concrete Construction, Inc.
Underwater Construction Company
Water and Waste Equipment, Inc.
John P. Franklin Funeral Home
Chattanooga Lookouts
Chattanooga Shooting Supplies
Johnson, Hickey & Murchison
Barry Ligon
Bill Phillips
Bob Caldwell
Bob Card
Bobbi Hubbard

Brandyn Edwards
Burt Schaerer
Chuck Zeiser
Clay Watson
David Hetzler
Donald Horvatt
Duffy Franck
Gaye Smith
George Baldree
Greg Smith
Jack Byrd
James Miller
Jeff Hamn
Joe Reinert
John Zeiser
Josh Moore

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin Mulkey
L. Hacker Caldwell
Matt Hill
Max Bahner
Philip Ledbetter
Rebecca Mulkey
Rob Summitt
Ruby Key
Shirley Smith
Stephen Lepley
Steven McNally
Tim Andrews
Tom Glenn
Warren Diegel
Wejun Robinson

Scout Supporter ($200 – $799)

Slush Puppie
Capital Bank
Ben Lomand Telephone Co-Op
DBS Corporation
Northwest Georgia Paving Inc.
Beaty Fabricating
Black Creek
Buzzi Unicem USA – Signal Mountain Cement
COS Business Products
Edwards Trucking
Henry B. Glascock Company
J. Smith Lanier & Company
Jackson Manufacturing
Right at Home
The Enterprise Center
The Raines Group
Webb Plumbing, Heating and Electric Corp.
Appalachian Cable
Ed Jacobs & Associates
Olin Corporation
Russ Blakely & Associates
Santek Environmental, Inc.
Wooden Law Firm
Kramer Enterprises, LLC
AWM, Inc.
JAT Oil, Inc.
Pinnacle Bank Of Cleveland
Urban League of Greater Chattanooga
Derryberry PR
Flegal Insurance Inc
Jody Millard Pest Control
March Adams And Associates
Simpson Construction
Sulzer Pumps
Acme Industrial Piping
Associated Jobbers
Bender Realty
Lake Ocoee Inn & Marina
LSR Advisory
Quality Tire Center
Second Missionary Baptist Church
Alan Lebovitz
Alan Derthick
Alan Smolin
Alden Perry
Alex Buttram
Alex Everley
Allen Clark
Allen Uhlik
Andrew Blesch
Andy Cope
Ann McCoin
Anthony Bussy
Anthony Ashley
Austin Cone
Austin Seay
Barrett Fisher
Ben Landress
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips
Benjamin Berry
Benny Daigle
Bill Childress
Bill Estes
Bill Haisten
Bill Hannah
Bill Noble
Bill McCord
Bill Pinson
Bill Lane
Bill Stacy
Bill Thornton
Bill Johnson
Bill Martin
Billy Curtis
Bo Watson
Bob Marshall
Bobby Bennett
Bobby Parker
Brent Williams
Brian Kopet
Brian Hunt
Brian Smith
Bruce Hutchinson
Bruce Zeiser
Bryant Henry
Buddy Faulkner
Byron Winters
Cam Scearce
Carl Henderson
Carolyn Hickerson
Carrington Montague
Chad Varga
Charles Groves
Charles Rusk
Charles Watts
Charles Dammann
Charles “Lee” Saunders
Chris Wiedmer
Chris McKee
Chris Anziano
Chris Fuller
Chris Harbison
Chris Hetzler
Chris Yancey
Christopher Beckstrand
Christopher Innes
Chuck Fleischmann
Cliff Eldred
Cliff Eldred
Cooper Hill
Craig Kellogg
Craig Mullinax
Cynthia Barker
Dale Buchanan
Dan Saieed
Darien Brevard
Darrell Meece
Darrell Meece
Daryl Brooks
Dave Gilbert
David Boyd
David Martin
David Anderson
David Garvey
David Graham
David Bales
David Chaffin
David French
David Mahoney
David Tessman
David Abbott
David Mason
David Smith
David Binder
David Wade
Deborah Rausch
Dennis King
Dennis Blanton
Don Close

Donald Robinson
Donald Ritzhaupt
Donnie Hutcherson
Doug Brown
Doug Goodfellow
Douglas Berry
Douglas Whalen
Earl Marler
Edd Ward
Edward McClintock
Elizabeth Evans
Eric Smith
Erik Boehm
Ernest Pieve
Erskine Oglesby
Fos Goodwin
Frank Hughes
Fred Decosimo
Fred White
Gary Chazen
Gary Sisk
Gary Godin
George Gray
Gerry Bassett
Glenn Baird
Glenn Barker
Grady Williams
Grant Davis
Gregory Lee
Gregory Phillips
Gregory Golian
Gregory Sumrall
Harrison Brown
Harry Ray
Harvey Collins
Henry Hoss
Hugh Mulkey
Hugh Maclellan
Jack Pitkin
Jack Sample
Jack Denny
James Wakim
James Barrott
James Wardlaw
James Brown
James Petty
James Demo
James Mullins
James Blevins
James Purgason
Jamey Steffner
Janet Bush
Janet Hunt
Jason Hooper
Jason Kay
Jay Mullin
Jeb Stewart
Jeff Henry
Jeff Morelock
Jeffrey Maddux
Jennifer Schroll
Jeremy Holsomback
Jeremy Kluttz
Jerome England
Jerry Moody
Jim Farrar
Jim Martin
Jim OBrien
Jim Tinker
Jim Davis
Jim Reynolds
Jim Vaughn
Jimmy Eller
JoAnn Polickoski
Joe Mason
Joe Johnson
Joe Pesterfield
Joe Robbins
Joe Sims
Joe Edwards
Joe Heaton
Joe Moore
Joe Tanner
Joel Beard
Joel Walton
Joey Horton
John Elliott
John Behrmann
John Gaither
John Kinard
John Sheehan
John Stanbery
John Jerman
John Barker
John Buhrman
John Holcombe
John Haile
John Morgan
John Coffelt
John Coolidge
John Henegar
John Logan
John Singleton
Johnny Holden
Jonathan Cantrell
Jonathan Turner
Joseph Decosimo
Julia Gonzales
Julie Duryee
Karl Shaffer
Keith Elder
Keith Greene
Keith Barrett
Kelly Browand
Ken Jackson
Ken Mara
Kenneth Dew
Kenny Burton
Kerry Buckman
Kevin Milz
Kiff Newkirk
Kyle Butler
L. Joe Ferguson
Larry Buie
Larry Harwood
Larry Moore
Laura Bell
Laura Stephens
Lawrence Hayes
Lester Simerville
Linda Mosley
Linwood Wiley
Lynn McCurdy
Malcolm Godwin
Margaret “Beth” Campbell
Mark Young
Mark Johnson
Mark Estabrook
Mark Feemster
Mark Fidler
Mark Kleiner
Marshal Mize

Mary Walker
Matt Hamilton
Matt Ware
Matt Hurst
Matthew Hitchcock
Max Finkle
Max Mitchell
Mellissa Boyd
Michael Stewart
Michael St.Charles
Michael Fox
Miguel Partap
Mike Huskey
Mike Daubner
Mike Jenkins
Mike Kelly
Mike Sharp
Mike White
Mike Costello
Mike Griffin
Mike Sarvis
Moses Freeman
Nathan Guerrero
Neal Ligon
Neil Groothuis
Neil Carriker
Nick Decosimo
Pat St.Charles
Patricia Williams
Patrick Moates
Paul Sanderford
Paul Jacobs
Paul Moyle
Paul Brock
Peter Pharr
Peter Hetzler
Philip Westhoff
Phillip Jacobs
Phillip Jones
Phillip Cochran
Phillip Garrett
Quentin Fannin
R. Duke
Ralph Green
Ralph Allison
Randall Street
Randy Kennedy
Randy Wattenbarger
Randy Carver
Renee Kropff
Reuben Lawrence
Richard Wagner
Richard Bout
Rick Hitchcock
Rick Jahn
Rita Turner
Rob Noland
Rob Cuthbertson
Robert King
Robert Chazen
Robert Rock
Robert Franklin
Robert Belcher
Robert Giles
Robert Keener
Robert Clark
Robert Thompson
Roger Pickett
Ron Harr
Ronald Eytchison
Rose Stanbery
Roy Kerr
Russell Hill
Ruth Bailey
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Naegele
Ryan Ivey
Ryan Murray
Ryan Crimmins
Sam Jones
Sam Boozer
Samuel Sullivan
Sandy Maddox
Scott Pierce
Scott Ferguson
Scott Martin
Scott Probasco
Scott Gladney
Shane Hendrix
Shannon Minninger
Shannon Whitfield
Sheree Quarles
Sherrie McMillon
Skip Ireland
Slater Parker
Stanley Ledbetter
Stephen Taylor
Steve Hunt
Steve Wilson
Steve Sherbak
Steven Barrett
Steven Harbison
Sullivan Ruff
Susan Brannon
Terence Duffy
Terry Mayhew
Theresa Ivey
Thomas Williams
Thomas Hess
Thomas Gavin
Timothy Godwin
Timothy Roark
Todd Schrader
Tom Decosimo
Tom Snow
Tom Taylor
Tom Wheeler
Tom White
Tom Kittsmiller
Tommie Pruitt
Travis Close
Travis Close
Troy Weathers
Vann Newell
W. King Copler
Wade Hinton
Wil Stiles
Will Council
William Raines
William Jenkins
William Chapin
William Clegg
William Boulware
William Stanbery
William Guinn
William Morgan
William Rogers
William West
William Carter
Wilson VonKessler
Yusuf Hakeem
Zachary McCarty

Scout Family Supporter ($1 – $199)

MBA Consulting
Applied Thermal Coatings, Inc.
Astec Industries, Inc.
Chattanooga Tent Co
Gaddcom, Inc
Mike Frost Trucking
Southeastern Container
Stampers Furniture
The Center for Hope
Wilkins Research Services, Inc.
Saunders Woodworks
The Chattanooga Scottish Rite
Todd Henon Real Estate Group
Aaron Mills
Aaron Weatherford
Adam Ellis
Adam Stocker
Adam Winn
Afton Wilson
Alan Cates
Alan Voss
Alejandro Coronado
Alicia Eitzen
Alicia Nerren
Alicia Crumley
Alicyn Roth
Allan Bradford
Allen Vessels
Allisa D’Apice
Amanda Jelks
Amber Campbell
Amber McClane
Amber Noblit
Amy England
Andrea Willis
Andrea Leen
Andrew Flasch
Andrew Lindstrom
Andrew Ruffer
Andy Marshall
Andy Figlestahler
Andy Pesterfiled
Andy Ingle
Anjelika Riano
Anna Smeltzer
Anthony Byrd
April Whitlock
April Slatton
April Yearwood
Aricah Heier
Ashton Jenkins
Athena Barta
Audrey Nord
Avery Mixson
Avery Calhoun
B Smith
Barbara Davis
Barbara Edwards
Barbara Marter
Barry Pearcy
Barry Long
Becca Willyard
Becky Altman
Becky Potts
Beecher Hunter
Ben Broome
Ben Taylor
Benjamin Kammerer
Benjamin Meagher
Beth McBrayer
Bethany McCoy
Bethany Neeper
Betty Lee
Beverly Kilby
Bibiana Fuller
Bill Cox
Bill Speek
Bill Payne
Blake Watson
Blake Wofford
Bo Wood
Bob Cuthbertson
Bobby Lusk
Brad Folsom
Bradley Shannon
Brandon Woodruff
Breck Parker
Brian Debord
Brian Debord
Bridget Gibson
Bridget Hall
Bruce Tidwell
Calvin Allmon
Candice Allen
Carl Cofer
Carl Little
Carter Brown
Caryl Bailey
Casey Calvert
Cassandra Weakley
Catherine Colby
Chad Littleton
Chad McDill
Charles Umbarger
Charles Harbison
Charles Lancaster
Charles Brown
Charles Millirons
Charlie Davidson
Charlie Wurzbacher
Chris Cox
Chris Giglio
Chris Fontenot
Chris McBrayar
Chris Palmer
Christa Lilley
Christi Killian
Christina Humphrey
Christina Hartgraves
Christine Critchfield
Christine Diwan
Christopher Clark
Christopher Rogers
Christopher Waskey
Christopher Hawkins
Christopher Paulsen
Christopher Coker
Christy Skiles
Clay Ellis
Cole Alsobrooks
Connie Hay
Connie Boggs
Corey Green
Courtney Henning
Craig Holley
Craig Dedmon
Craig Smith
Craig Lawson
Crystal Vaughn
Crystal Greninger
Curtis Collier
Curtis Jackson
Cynthia Shonts
Cynthia Blackwell
D.J. Chord
Dale Wine
Daniel Talley
Daniel Bowers
Daniel Scearce
Daniel Schiavon
Daniel England
Daniel Holder
Danielle Landrum
Danny Bee
Danny Crye
Danny Gork
David Bosshardt
David Jones
David Linn
David Wilson
David Elliott
David Connelly
David Doss
David Massengale
David Schenck
David Beeler
David Wright
David Young
David Spencer
David Wright
David Peterson
David Ulmer
Davis Morelock
Dawn Rogers
Debbie Cartwright
Debbie Johnson
Denia Reese
Dennis Botts
Dennis Forster
Dennis Hayes
Dennis Call
Denny Whitesel
Derek Wirz
Derrick Kinsey
Diana Crites
Don Baldree
Don Jackson
Don Self
Don Smith
Don Stultz
Donald Gregg
Donald Jacobson
Donald Brennan
Donna Johnson
Donny Roddy
Dorothy Morris
Doug Finke
Doug Hightshue
Drew Barnette
Duane Goff
Dustin Salter
Dusty Kent
Dwayne Young
Ed Jenkins
Ed McIntire
Ed Lay
Ed Lammon
Edward Glackin
Edward Mahn
Edward Sunder
Edward Castellanet
Edward Michaud
Eli Watkins
Elijah Cameron
Elizabeth Holloway
Emilie Gill
Emily Niehaus
Eric Lyons
Eric Plemmons
Eric Richards
Erin Townley
Eston Wenger
Eugenia Moore
Evan Parker
Evelle Dana
Evelynne Mashburn
Fletcher Sims
Floyd Eaves
Floyd Patterson
Francies Young
Frank Jurczak
Frankie Anderson
Franklin Sevy
Fred Evans
Fred Loyd
Frederick Newton
Gabriel Francheschi
Garrett Jelderks
Gary Farlow
Gary Hattaway
Gary Moore
Gene Settles
George Clark
George Hixson
George Skonberg
Gerald Webb
Glenda Cunningham
Gloria Ortiz
Gloria Anaya
Gordon Utgard
Greg Jackson
Greg Martin
Gregory Cobb
Gregory Keeble
Greta Hayes
Hal Dickey
Hale Booth
Haley Tomlinson
Harry Tate
Hasell Ferrell
Hazel Key
Heather Farmer
Heather Warren
Heather Brame
Henry Henegar
Holli Corbin
Howard Adams
Howell Winderweedle
Huxley Brown
Iris Rodger
Ivey Williamson
Jack Lay
Jaime Alderman
James Hammon
James Barrett
James Parks
James Slatton
James Thompson
James Willard
James Burgess
James Feldmeier
James Ledford
James Boggs
James Condra
James Pardue
James Coulson
Jan Miners
Jane Vaughan
Janice Hooper
Janie Grinnell
Jason Gelnett
Jason Cookston
Jason Dubendorfer
Jason Gill
Jay Dale
Jay Crawford
Jeannie Beard
Jed Swiecichowski
Jeff Badgley
Jeff Billings
Jeff Farmer
Jeff Hamn
Jeff Scotchie
Jeff Sebastian
Jeff Wakefield
Jefferson Wallace
Jeffrey Duncan
Jeffrey Wilson
Jeffrey Isbell
Jen Obal
Jennie Sumrell
Jennifer Cansler
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Finnell
Jennifer Gibbs
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Edmonds
Jeremiah McBride
Jerrold White
Jerry Last
Jesse Henon
Jessica Bailey
Jessica Free
Jewell Cousin
Jim Winsett
Jim Kimball
Jimmy McCullum
Joanna Allen
Jody Dunn
Joe Fivas
Joe Guthrie
Joe Simpson
Joel Clements
Joel Ledbetter
John Clayton
John Clayton
John Elliott
John Guerry
John Hart
John Huisman
John Lindsey
John Irwin
John Higleman
John McClain
John Tracy
John Ross Anonymous
Johnny Centers
Jon Wooldrige
Jonathan Mantooth
Jonathan Tew
Jonathan Burke
Jonathan Neuser
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Deardorff
Joseph Martin
Joseph Welch
Joshua Weekley
Joshua Crawford
Joshua Harden
Judy Jones
Judy Rufener
Justin Grierson
Kabrella Moore
Kara Lewallen
Karen Coulson
Karon Officer-Bell
Karon Parker
Kat Wright
Katherine Hawkins
Katherine Espeseth
Kathy Grant-Willis
Kathy Watkins
Katie McCorkle
Kayla Burton
Keisha Powell
Keith Smith
Kelly Brownlow
Kelly Browand
Ken Jackson
Kenneth Price
Kenneth Jones
Keri Sutphin
Kerry Buckman
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Adcox
Kim Casteel
Kimberly Holt
Kourtney Nugent
Kristi Obsitnik
Kristy Allen
Kurt Swanson
Lamar Partridge
Larry Bowie
Larry Roberson
Larry Crichton
Larry Howard
Larry Zehnder
Larry McFarland
Larry Stone
Laura Scheeler
Laura Hindman
LaVon Johnson
Lee McChesney
Lewis Davis
Lewis Davis
Linda Blevins
Linda Bailey
Lindsay Duncan
Linly Mason
Lisa Brown
Lisa Feller
Lisa Messier
Lori Lesslie
Lori Smith
Lou Ziebold
Louis Priddy
Luke Dillefeld
Lynda Slatton
Mack Gregg
Malachi Lawrence
Marcus Jones
Marcus King
Marilyn McBride
Mark Slavovsky
Mark Engle
Mark Gruwell
Mark Weber
Mark Malecky
Marko Kleiner
Marran Samples
Marvin Haliburton
Mary Maycann
Mary Kelly
Mary Akehurst
Mary Moses
Mary Ann Potts
Mat Hammon
Mathew Lenoy
Matt Vos
Matthew Pieniaszek
Matthew Black
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Hilke
Matthew Franz
Matthew Jungels
Matthew Lee
Maurice Bowen
Megan Raines
Megan Jones
Melanie Parris
Melissa Morrison
Melissa Cleveland
Michael Chancey
Michael Love
Michael Fowler
Michael Hughes
Michael Yoder
Michelle Westbrook
Mickey Hurt
Mike Kitzman
Mike Croxall
Mike Mitchell
Mike Jenne
Mike Lawson
Milan Blake
Mildred Taylor
Mista Gallmon
Mitchell Weber
Moises Rodriguez
Mollie Corn
Morgan Adams
Myles Mitchell
Nancy Berg
Nancy Hecker
Nathan Barrett
Nicholas Adamczyk
Nicholas Carter
Nicole St Pierre
Nita Slatton
Nolan Henrich
Pam Clouse
Pam Fleenor
Pam Morris
Paola Lombana
Patrick Finlay
Paul Dellinger
Paul Feaster
Paul Hendricks
Paul Hoogenboom
Paul Gillis
Perry Beckett
Pete Phillips
Peter Cervelli
Peter Mertz
Peter Harrison
Peter Stack
Rachel Harris
Rachel Perry
Randall Eakin
Randall Honeycutt
Randall Honeycutt
Randall Stephens
Randy Hammon
Ray Fox
Ray Lallier
Rebecca Bumgardner
Rebecca Davis
Regina Hardinger
Renee Martin
Renee Leach
Renzo Wiggins
Rex Wagner
Rex Jackson
Rich Balthrop
Richard Banks
Richard Buhrman
Richard Westbrook
Richard Baker
Richard Gonzalez
Richard Steele
Richard Beeland
Rick Buhrmann
Rickey Pace
Ricky Massengill
Rob Woodfin
Robbin Johnson
Robert Stahl
Robert Boaz
Robert Gott
Robert Hall
Robert Hall
Robert Jones
Robert Kellermann
Robert Philyaw
Robert Quisenberry
Robert White
Robert Zendejas
Robert Scheri
Robert Williams
Robert Wilson
Robert George
Robin Grant
Rodney Murray
Rodney Coogle
Rodney Hall
Roger Qualey
Ron Littlefield
Ronald Berg
Ronnie Siniard
Rosa Densmore
Ross Andrews
Royce Hanson
Ryan King
Ryan Worth
S. Wallis
Sam Smartt
Sam Martin
Sam Story
Samuel Saez
Samuel Clay
Sanders Kelli
Sarah Moore
Scott Rix
Scott Dieter
Scott Howard
Scott Caldwell
Scottie Cole
Scottie Summerlin
Shanna DiGiovanni
Shannon Talbert
Shannon Ward
Shannon Ritzhaupt
Shari Komm
Sharon Hargis
Shauna Rogers
Shaunda Efaw
Sheila Nichols
Simon Raiford
Sloan Summerall
Sonya Fowler
Spessard Powell
Stephanie Moore
Stephanie Penland
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Goins
Stephen Gates
Stephen Shelton
Steve Barham
Steve Newlin
Steve Perry
Steven Cowan
Stuart Vaughn
Tanya Young
Ted Rumley
Terrell Ray
Terry Buckner
Terry Hoffman
Terry Wilson
Thomas Brasel
Thomas Repko
Thomas Baker
Tiffany Potter
Tim Poteet
Tim Tripp
Tim Adams
Tim Ensign
Tim Youngblood
Timothy Maness
Timothy Roark
Tina Harris
Todd Levin
Todd Walker
Tom Carter
Tom Dunbar
Tom Griscom
Tom Porterfield
Tom Rogers
Tom Zeilke
Tommy Cannon
Tony Logan
Tony Bartley
Tony Young
Tonya Lytle
Tori Poe
Tracey Hay
Traci Hamilton
Tracy Mozingo
Tracye Ward
Travis Odom
Ty Willeford
Tyler Carman
Tyler Divin
Valda Cowan
Vania Maldonado
Venize Cagle
Vicki Greeter
Victor Boltniew
Virginia Ferrer
Wanda Hall
Warren Behlau
Warren Dropkin
Wayne Denny
Wendi Meagher
Whitney Morgan
Will Skiles
William Conley
William Ensign
William Flowers
William Ford
William Jackson
William Johnson
William Lapish
William McMahan
William Stewart
William Stier
William Kinnaman
William Burdick
William Washington
Winnie Emrick
Wright Bunch
Yadira Rosales
Yogi Center
Yolanda Edwards
Zach King